Ensuring All Patients

Grow injectable therapeutic sales and revenue with Love Lifescience’s UniPen

Increased Script Writing
Decrease Medication Non-Compliance
Improve Health Outcomes
Decrease Per Unit Injector Expense
Increased Script Filling
Decrease Medication Transitioning
Decrease Manufacturing Burden
Decrease Upfront Injector Expenses


A single use hybrid injection safety device

UniPen takes a multifaceted approach to improve the patient injection experience, increase patient safety, and remove patient reported pain points compared to current administration techniques such as autoinjectors.

Indicator Channel

  • Easier to identify medication completion

Prefilled Syringe Held Inside

  • Easy integration in manufacturing lines
  • Dec regulatory burden compared to cartridge-based systems

Plunger Slider

  • Patient controlled initiation
  • Patient controlled rate of ejection
  • Customizable color

White Label Design

  • Open labeling and branding
  • Utilize for sales/marketing

Needle Shield

  • Patient controlled initiation
  • Improved injection aiming
  • Pre- and Post-use needle locking for safety

UniPen’s patient-centered design provides substantial benefits including:

  • Increased Injection Control
  • Decreased Needle Anxiety
  • Decreased Pain on Needle Insertion
  • Decreased Pain on Medication Ejection
  • Decreased Risk of Needlestick Injury
  • Decreased Risk of Injection Error
  • Decreased Cleanup/Waste
  • Increased Patient Confidence

For more information or to ask for a demo contact [email protected].


Your Patients Deserve to Love Life.

Keeping track of medications can be difficult, especially for individuals with rigorous dosing schedules. For this reason, pill-box organizers were created to assist with daily oral medication distribution. However, no simple solution exists for injectable medications. This is the exact problem that led to a life-threatening situation for one of our founder’s family members…

One morning, our family member got up and took their medications as usual. His medications list was long and confusing. About an hour later, he realized that he could not remember if he had taken his injectable medications. To be safe, he took another dose of one of his injectables, a blood thinner. Through a series of events and a fall that day, he ended up in the emergency room with a long stay in the hospital. Our family was lucky that he survived. This was a moment that truly showed our family what it means to ‘Love Life’.

Unfortunately, individuals in this exact same scenario die every year. And what bothers us at Love Lifesciences most about it is that it is completely preventable.

This led us to want to know more about injectable medication administration and so we reached out to others that self-administer injectables. After interviewing and surveying hundreds of patients about their experience with injectable medications, we determined two overarching themes. First, current injectable administration options are not providing the safety and confidence patients deserve, leading to increased fear, pain, and anxiety associated with injection. Second, without improving the problems surrounding the injection experience, patients will continue to not adhere to their life-prolonging and life-saving injectable medications.

This is what prompted Love Lifesciences to develop UniPen and MultiPen. We are changing the patient injection experience with the goal to improve injection medication initiation, compliance, and adherence while reducing preventable error to ultimately improve patient health outcomes. All patients deserve the opportunity to Love Life.

Supports, Partnerships, and Collaborators

Co-founder & CEO

Nick Love

Nick is an MD/MBA student at The University of Kansas School of Medicine and School of Business. Nick has a research background in medicinal chemistry, receiving grants from INBRE and KU Cancer Center with an award from the American Chemical Society for presentations as an undergraduate. He further has a background in Pediatric Neurodevelopment Research. Nick has worked as an intern and part-time employee at several startup pharmaceutical companies, assisting in the development of SBIR grants, business models and plans, as well as assisting in pre-clinical trials study development/execution. Nick’s motivation comes from witnessing his mother undergo clinical trials for the drug Herceptin for HER2+ breast cancer when he was 10. Experiencing first-hand the incredibly life changing impact the physicians, researchers, and company management had on the lives of millions of women and their families has driven Nick to strive to improve the world at an equal or greater caliber.

Co-founder & CTO

Bradley Hopper

Bradley Hopper is the Founder of Hopper Design Works, a company that has been dedicated to producing custom built, high-quality furniture and artistic design pieces since 2017, recently pivoting to rapid device prototyping. Bradley’s technical background in working with diverse materials allows him to design and innovate at an incredibly high level, providing him the ability to adjust and reconfigure highly complex pieces. Bradley currently attends the Kansas Manufacturing Solutions Executive Leadership Training Courses, where he looks to hone his skills even more to transition into large-scale manufacturing. His leadership and managerial experience, through founding and directing his team at Hopper Design Works since the age of 20, have provided him a unique skill set most young entrepreneurs do not have which is further supported by his morally strong character. Bradley is driven by his desire to leave a lasting impact on the world around him by using his skills to bring his innovations to life. 

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